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Sudzucker is Europe`s leading manufacture of bee feed products manufactured from sugar beet. Apiinvert is an Inverted syrup and Apifonda is a fondant both specially formulated for honey bees. Apipuder is an extremely fine sucrose crystal specially designed for queen and Nuc rearing.

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    Apifonda Fondant


    A feed in paste form that is composed mainly of sucrose. It contains micro-fine crystals that are smaller than 1/100 of a millimetre on average.

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    Apiinvert Inverted Syrup


    A liquid bee feed of extremely high purity. It is made exclusively of sucrose and its building blocks fructose and glucose.

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    Apipuder Sucrose Crystals

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    A special icing sugar used for the production of an apicultural feed paste.

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