Here at British Beefeeds we aim to deliver the highest quality bee products available on the market at an economical price. British Beefeeds was formed to initially supply Associations with Inverted syrup and fondant but our product range has increased due to demand.

Paradise Poly hives were added to our product range in 2015 and we stock their National Poly hives all year round.

Along with the hives came a demand for bees and when possible we offer a choice of the Scottish Native black bee or Carniolan (Carnica) bees sourced in Poland.

The native bee has acclimatised over the years and adapted to our forage conditions. It is a frugal bee and the hive is not usually at full strength till later in the season.

The Carnica are bought as packages and housed in National nucs for a period before being sold on. This way we can check for disease and queen laying.

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