There are three distributors covering the UK.

With a wealth of experience in beekeeping Lyle, Dave and Richard can advise on many aspect of beekeeping and feeding.

Lyle Laird covers all postcodes north of Birmingham.

Lyle can be contacted on:

E: british.beefeeds@gmail.com
M: 07585120331
T: 01592758479

Richard Burkes covers Northern Ireland

Burkes Agri Supplies, 8 Carnascriebe Rd, Portadown, Co Armagh
T: 02838840225

David Durrant covers all postcodes Birmingham south.

David Durrant can be contacted on:

E: dave.durrant@gmail.com
M: 07721645250
T; 01305889635

Dave, a retired Customer Services Director, still active as a Management Consultant and enthusiastic beekeeper. Dave breeds Buckfast from AI or island mated queens sourced from Keld Brandstrup in Denmark. The health and well being of bees continues to be his main focus, and the Zest Hive project addresses many of the current issues.

Check out www.thezesthive.com for more details.

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